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Welcome to the most important paradigm in Childbirth Education in years!

Join us with this cutting edge evidence based program that will help our families understand how empowering a pregnancy can be!
Dr. Thomas Verny, Psychiatrist and Dr. David Chamberlian, Psychologist, both respected authors, were working with individuals since the 1970's with emotional problems that were stemming from memories of their experiences in the womb and their births. They founded APPPAH, The Association of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health (, the 
organization, dedicated to improving the lives of families and especially recognizing the intelligence of the baby growing in the womb. Now with the use of ultrasound technology and the study of neuroscience, their early theories have been validated.



Do babies know if they are wanted?


Learn how stress impacts the baby's growth and brain.


Add a level of awareness for the mother to reassure and respond to these babies in the womb environment.


Pregnancy, birthing, and postpartum can be enhanced with this important knowledge.



You will learn tools on how to lower stress levels.


This is not to add more work for mothers, it is teaching them how intelligent the baby is in the womb.


They can give their baby a better chance at a loving experience with pregnancy, birthing and postpartum.



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The baby's brain and body are being influenced by the environment around the pregnant woman. 


The experiences can impact the baby for the rest of their lives.

The baby can be influenced toward healthy growth or fear and protection.


Early birth psychology research is now supported  by neuroscience, epigentics, and ultrasound technology. We know our babies are listening, sensing and feeling all of our mothers' experiences.

OUR Team of Professionals

Barbara C. Decker, PPNE*, PBBA*


Registered Hypnotherapist.

As a childbirth educator for over 40 years she is passionate about helping our families prepare for their pregnancies and help facilitate challenges the parents have received during their child rearing. Most parents are not aware of how their experiences impact their adult lives and how they will parent their own children.

The good news is when challenges are recognized, there are ways to change the way we think and act. This paradigm in education offers the healthiest start to our new families.

Barb is one of only 15 facilitators in the U.S. trained in Prenatal Bonding (BA)

*Prenatal Bonding Facilitator (BA)

*Prenatal And Perinatal Psychology Educator


Roxanne Spring, CNM, ARNP

brings 17 years of experience as a Certified Nurse Midwife with an emphasis on being the midwife for the life inside the womb as much as for the mom and family. She is a passionate educator with extensive experience teaching in the community, colleges and universities.  She delights in raising consciousness in the importance of one's journey to life. Acknowledging the amazing abilities of the life inside and the power of connecting is quite simply the pathway to whole and peaceful beginnings of lives and families. She allows birth to take its course, knowing the baby is an active participant in the miracle of birth.

Consciousness at its best!

Leubgythe (Nancy) Holm, PhD., PPNE* is a consultant for the Empowering Pregnancy curriculum. She mentors expecting parents and birth professionals in welcoming each child as a unique, gifted, and sentient being, from conception and very early pregnancy through the postpartum period. Throughout the pregnancy, she supports them in sorting out their options, early parenting, very early bonding, practical stress reduction, career transitiions and customized baby welcoming ceremonies. Integrating the latest science with birth wisdom from indigenous traditions, she offers nurturing for mother and baby, and an honoring of birth as a rite of passage for mother, father, and baby.

*Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology Educator

APPPAH is Birth Psychology
All teachers are members of APPPAH
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