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I thoroughly enjoy taking this class before/while trying to get pregnant. I learned so many things that will be important from early on in pregnancy to have a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. Barbara is an insightful woman and I look forward to taking classes later on in pregnancy with her. 2017  M

I would recommend this course to other parents. 2019 B

As a doula and thinking about the PPNE Program, I took this program to achieve some insight into the field. It offered just enough information that I did sign up for PPNE and Barb is my mentor. 2019 A

I thought the conversations about how to deal with her stress were very helpful. 2017 B

I started with learning about EmpoweringPregnancy and got pregnant. With the knowledge I attained, I changed my PhD  program to Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology. 2018 Z

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